1. Treated Products:
Brackett Brothers utilizes the Wolmanized and Natural-Select wood treatment methods to help preserve our wood products. These treatments can be applied on-site to most of our wood products. Our treated products use a Wolmanized .40 for ground contact chemical. Along with Wolmanized .40, we can also treat .60 and Natural-Select. T.S.O. is also available. We try to keep our treated inventory at levels that can be rotated quickly to maintain a freshly treated stock.

2. Yellow Pine:
At Brackett Brothers we strive to maintain the highest quality of treated and untreated products available. All of the untreated yellow pine is stored under shed.

3. Spruce Framing:
At Brackett Brothers, we keep a full line of spruce framing, which is stored under shed. All of our spf is usually a #2&BTR grade and we try to keep the higher quality mills in stock.

4. Engineered Wood Products:
Brackett Brothers is proud to be the supplier of International Paper Engineered Wood Products. We stock all sizes up to 48' and can be special ordered up to 65'. All items are sold to the nearest even foot and can be cut to your specs. Engineering is available through our office and the International Paper certified engineers.

5. Plywood:
At Brackett Brothers, we keep a full line of CDX, BC, Hardwood plywood, OSB, and YP plywood sidings, Fir and Cedar sidings. Many of the plywood's can be combined the treating process for added value. We can also supply your fire retardant needs upon request.

6. Cedar:
Brackett Brothers can supply your entire cdr shake and shingle needs as well as supply all your Shakertown products. We also keep cedar split rail fencing, yp or treated shingles and cedar log siding.

7. Specialty Products:
Brackett Brothers Corporation can custom make any pattern requested and run those patterns from many different species of material. At Brackett Brothers, we run a full line of specialty patterns to meet many of your customer's needs. See our availability table for a list of patterns that can be combined with the treating process for added value.



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