Brackett Brothers utilizes the Wolmanized and Natural-Select wood treatment methods to help preserve our wood products. These treatments can be applied on-site to most of the wood products that we carry.

There are many treatment methods in use today. We choose to use the Wolmanized and Natural-Select methods not only because of the excellence of their products, but also because of each company's strong commitment to the environment and to the safety of you and your family. Wood treated with the Wolmanized and Natural-Select processes is safe for humans, pets, livestock and wildlife.

Wolmanized Wood: "It's Good for Life."

When you choose long-lasting Wolmanized wood, you're investing in the conservation of one of our most precious natural resources. No other building material is more in balance with nature than Wolmanized pressure-treated wood. In fact, treated wood lasts for at least as long as it takes replacement lumber to be grown and harvested.

Wolmanized wood is the pressure-treated wood that's backed by a lifetime limited warranty. So you get a lifetime of protection against fungal decay and termites. And that means a lifetime of pleasure from creating delightful projects that last.

Although Wolmanized pressure-treated lumbers' primary strength lies in its resistant qualities, it also has other advantages:
  • Wolmanized lumber is clean - paintable, if desired
  • Wolmanized lumber is odor-free, oil-free and easy to handle
  • Wolmanized lumber is so durable that it may well outlast conventional hardware, therefore hot-dipped galvanized fasteners are recommended.
  • Wolmanized lumber is inert; it should not affect shingles or tar paper underlayment.


Brackett Brothers is a licensed distributor of Natural-Select™ products.

Natural-Select wood is made like traditional treated wood, in a pressurized cylinder using a closed system that recycles excess preservative for future use and releases no air pollutants, nor wastewater. Since it is a patented product, only licensed producers who follow stringent quality control measures make Natural-Select wood.

Unlike plastics, steel, and concrete, Natural-Select wood's source is a renewable resource grown on managed timberlands. It requires less energy to produce than plastics and offers greater insulation value; and, because of its lighter weight, preserved wood can often be installed with lighter equipment which has less environmental impact.

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